The Remote Design Sprint Cheat Sheet

33 tricks for facilitation and teamwork over video

Wait, what’s a Design Sprint?

Here are the tricks:

1. Yes, remote Design Sprints work!

2. Don’t reinvent the process, just tweak it

Choose the right tools

3. Stick with what works

4. Use Zoom for video conferencing

5. Use Mural for a virtual whiteboard

6. Use this whiteboard template

Here are the nearly identical templates in the nearly identical virtual whiteboard tools with nearly identical names.

7. Use User for recruiting customers

Set the schedule

8. Pick reasonable hours

9. If necessary, divide the day into “alone time” and “together time”

10. Don’t compress the sprint

11. Plan lots of breaks

12. Book a 30-minute practice session

Get your team ready

13. Get a co-facilitator

14. Shut the doors

15. Get office supplies

16. Plan snacks

Lay down the law

17. Seriously, establish rules

18. Always-on video

19. Split screens, don’t toggle

20. No multi-tasking

21. Hall pass protocol

22. Pass the mic

Run the actual Design Sprint


23. Use the Note-n-Map shortcut


24. Do it on paper


25. No sketcher sales pitch

26. Use the Storyboarding 2.0 shortcut


27. Use Figma for app prototypes

28. Use Squarespace for marketing prototypes

29. But, again, stick with what works


30. Yes, you can test over video!

31. Expect every possible tech failure

32. Take notes in a spreadsheet

After the sprint

33. Voilà, a tidy time capsule!

🧙‍♂️ That’s it for the cheat sheet, now check out the Remote Sprint Guide

Thanks to the experts!

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