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  • Laura Eiche

    Laura Eiche

    Product Designer at Pipedrive // Visual storyteller and workshopper

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Paul Christiano

    Paul Christiano

  • Chaunie Brusie

    Chaunie Brusie

    Writer specializing in health, parenting, medical, travel, and finance. https://chauniebrusie.com/

  • Atul Teckchandani

    Atul Teckchandani

    Associate Professor of Business Administration at California State University, Fullerton. Teaching classes in entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.

  • Rowena Price

    Rowena Price

    Former Marketing Manager at @clearleft

  • Ross Chapman

    Ross Chapman

    Remote Design Sprint Facilitator and Product Strategist based in the UK

  • David Bain

    David Bain

    Chief Curator of Knowledge at Incrementic.com and organiser of WebCraftConf, facilitating “idea collisions” in Jamaica and beyond.

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